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2021 Projects

2021 Projects

King County Archives HVAC Upgrade

  • o 8,000 Sq Ft Warehouse.
  • VRF Fan Coil Units, Energy Recovery Ventilator, and Dehumidification Unit. 
  • Third-Party Commissioned.

Smartsheet – Bellevue

  • Three-floor TI suite in City Center Bellevue.
  • 148 VAVs, eight exhaust fans, and six hydronic heat pumps.

Ferrucci Jr High Addition

  • Approx. 54,000 SQ Ft school addition.
  • Hydronic heat pumps with central plant hydronic system.
  • Heat recovery unit serving building OSA and general exhaust with VAVs and exhaust VAVs.
  • Third Party Commissioned.

Summit Building 1 & 2 Smoke Control

  • One 11-story office building and one 13-story office building in Bellevue.
  • Certified all fire and combination fire/smoke dampers.
  • Completed annual acceptance testing for the smoke control system, including repairs needed for them to become compliance.

Arts West Ventilation Verification

  • Three-story, 30,000 sq ft, building in West Seattle.
  • Completed building ventilation assessment, as required by the building owner.

Energy Storage Facilities

  • Testing was completed in California, Utah, and North Carolina.
  • Commissioned and provided certified Testing, Adjusting, and Balancing for 158 energy storage containers.
  • Systems conditioned using either a rooftop package unit or side-mounted HVAC units.
  • Participated in FAT testing for troubleshooting HVAC system.
  • Conducted total HVAC testing at manufactures facility.
  • Conducted Evac testing, witnessed by fire authority.

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